About Pirisa

Pirisa is one of the renowned companies in the outsourcing market in Brazil and throughout Latin America and Europe! We serve the main brands of these markets, and therefore, we have acquired international recognition and an extensive network of relationships with the main companies in the industry, always committed to quality and the continuous search for new knowledge. We are an icon in industrialization and supply of cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides and raw materials.
We can also highlight our position as a supplier of Piperonyl Butoxide for various sectors (veterinary, agricultural, professional pest control and household insecticides).  

We are a Brazilian company with an international presence in the field of household insecticides, cleaners, air fresheners, disinfectants, among others, maintaining a commercial relationship for decades with multinational and regional companies within our territories of operation


Provide solutions in products and services for the industrial and consumer market, with research, development, relationships network and qualified staff, which meet the customers’ expectations ensuring business continuity, through industrialization processes and companies connection.
CEO Message
“We are a company committed to our customers, employees, community and consumers in search for innovative news and solutions in the sectors we operate through investment in research and development, manufacturing and distribution. A company of over 70 years that brings the tradition of existence and is constantly challenged in business continuity within new times. Allied to our partners, employees, community and entrepreneurial spirit we challenge ourselves every day to keep the current and explore the new times.”

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